Gael Monfils: My lucky number is 15, so I have more work to do

Second seed Gael Monfils is an ATP Tour finalist once again after he overcame American Marcos Giron 7-5, 6-0 on Saturday at the Sofia Open. It is the first time for the Frenchman, one of the Bulgarian fans most favoured players in the tour, to reach the match for the trophy in Sofia.

Congrats, Gael! After so many weeks you are again in the final. You won the previous ones, what do you expect now?

Maybe to lift another title. I just want to do a good recovery, to prepare for the match with my coach. It will be a normal match. It is always great, but it is a normal match with an opponent. I just have to be ready for tomorrow. Definitely I will try my best and play my own tennis to win another title.

Do you like the number of 11?

Well, my lucky number is 15, so I have more work to do.

Tell us some words about today opponent. It was a tough start and then you started to play amazing.

Yeah, it was tough at the beginning. I had problem to find my reach a little bit. I didn’t know if I have to be more aggressive or less aggressive. He was actually moving great, cut the ball great. He was a bit more offensive than me. I just decided to change a little bit the pace, place lower, slice a little bit. Then a bit bigger, may be come to the net a bit more. And I made it very physical.

It seems that you always like to play here in Sofia. Unfortunately, this year without fans. But you are enjoying the court…

I enjoy the court. A little bit tough at the beginning. It was tough for me. I felt I had to leave the energy to my team. It is not easy to have no crowd. It is not something that I like to do. Again, I am very happy. Even more I won two matches with this. Because it is something that I have bad experience with it and now I have to get trough it and do it good.