Jack Draper:  I feel great about my tennis, my mind, and my body

Jack Draper became the youngest Briton to reach an ATP Tour final since Andy Murray in 2009 when he defeated third-seeded German Jan-Lennard Struff 6-3, 6-4 on Friday at the Sofia Open.

Congrats, you just became the youngest Briton to reach an ATP Tour final since Andy Murray in 2009. Then he won Djokovic. What are your chances to repeat his success?

I think whoever I play tomorrow, it will be really difficult. They are both free and unorthodox players. Mannarino is playing left-hand. Kotov is very talented. Obviously, it is nice to compare to Andy Murray and Djokovic. But you know… I am very excited to be here in Sofia. And my first final to be here. I hope I can go out and do more of the same what I’ve been doing.

Congratulations for your win! It is your ninth in a row with those in Bergamo. How do you feel physically and do you think you are playing the best tennis in your career?

Definitely, I think I’m playing the best tennis I’ve been playing so far. It’s been a team effort to get myself back on court and get to the point where I can be physically and mentally in every match. I think this week I’ve been really tired coming to the tournament after finishing in Bergamo. Because obviously playing five matches takes all out of you. But there was a term when I was playing my set yesterday when I felt very confident and good in these conditions. I feel great about my tennis, my mind, and my body.

It is your first time playing at Sofia Open. The fans already cheer you. What are your impressions with the tournament?

Actually, I came last year but I got through infection so I was just in bed for three days in the hotel. So, my memories from last year are not too good. But this has been amazing, there are a lot of young people watching tennis, very supportive. They are coming every day; I’m seeing the same faces. It’ really nice to see that. It’s so important young people watching professional tennis and getting expired. I like it here, the organization has been amazing, it’s obviously a quick turnaround of the event. I think everyone whose been involved is making a great tournament and I’m enjoying to be here.

Here in Bulgaria, we are very proud with our kitchen. Have you tried anything yet?

No, just the food of the courts. But it’s been very nice, in England we are not very fussy of food. So, when you go to a different country it’s a bit nicer. I was in Italy last week, they’re too a bit proud of food, you too. It’s nice to be in countries where you eat well.

I want to ask you about other young players like Sinner, Alcaraz and so on high in the ranking. Do you feel more motivated when you see them and how far you think you can go next year?

Yeah, 100 percent. Those guys are being 2 and 4 ranked in the world. They are the Next Gen Champions and Top 8 in the world. I think these guys are consistently playing in the Tour for 3-4 years now. I kind of spent a lot of time on the side line with an injury. It has been really tough to see. So I am jealous from the competitor side I want to be. But what they are doing is very special. Especially, for their ages. But I think they are amazing for the sport. They motivate the other young players. I want to achieve what they achieved, hopefully.

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