Jannik Sinner: I hope that we both can play great tennis tomorrow

Jannik Sinner downed fifth seed Filip Krajinovic 6:3, 7:5 at the Sofia Open to reach his fourth tour-level final of the season.

You are still unbeaten here – 8-0 so far. Can we say – not too bad?

I think, yes. Talking about the match today, I think it was higher level, for sure, than the previous rounds. I tried to play my game. We practiced sometimes, so I know he is a very very great player. We know us a little bit which makes things not easier. I like to play here. I like the court; I like the conditions. I try to do my best in every situation.

You lead 2-1 in ATP Head2Head Series against Gael. What a match you played at US Open! Can you promise such a show tomorrow at the final of Sofia Open 2021?

We hope so. We always have great fights. So, it is not going to be easy. May he will change something, I will change something. A match, especially best of three sets, is completely different. In best-of-five you have a lot of more chances to turn around the match. So, it is not going to be easy for sure for me. And also, for him. It is going to be a tough challenge for both of us.  Then we will see how we play, but I hope that we both can play great tennis tomorrow.

You are much younger, but Gael played two fast matches here and you played a little bit more. Are you feeling tired, or you are ready to win and to became first champion defending the title here in Sofia?

I feel well. I am young and I can recover very fast. Tomorrow the final is set 4.30 pm. I have time to recover for sure. I’ve never played three sets here at this tournament. Of course, he had faster rounds, but this doesn’t mean anything. I just have to try to stay focused about tomorrow. And as I said hopefully, we both play good tennis tomorrow.

Five years ago, Gael Monfils changed his serve. Last summer you did the over move. I just wanted to know why you did this change and why in the middle of the season?

I said it on the last press conference – when we see something that we have to change, we do it immediately. It doesn’t matter if I am in the middle of the season or in the end of the season or in the off-season. Of course, in the off-season you can change more things because you are not in a tournament. You can change a little bit your game, but I had that feeling that we had to change something. We talked and then the day after we tried it and it went quite well. I think it makes things more easier. You have one motion less which I think you don’t need in tennis. For my body – I don’t spent so much energy doing that. But everyone is different. If you see the big server they are closing with the feet. So, everyone has his own thing. We tried to do that and I think it was the right move. Maybe in two years we are going to change once more. Whoever know. It depends on how physically I am or I am going to feel. Then we will see. We have done this. Now we are trying to get better with the serve which is for sure the thing where I have to improve the most at the moment. And also – the net game. I think everyone knows that and I think I am quite open to make things, trying to make things work quite fast. I am just trying to improve. Sometimes we can also go in the wrong way but I have one of the best teams behind me, so it is all fine.