John Millman: I love “shopska salata” and Stara Zagora

The Australian current second best tennis player John Millman impressed his great memories from Bulgaria. He used to come in the country, hosting the last 250 ATP tournament in his youth. Millman, seeded sixth, started with a win his participation in 2020 Sofia Open, beating the local youngster Adrian Andreev 6:3, 6:1 in the first round.

“Actually, if you look at my history, I have played a few Futures in Bulgaria. I reckon I was 19 or 20-years old. I think I was in definitely in Stara Zagora. I was in few other places too, but I remember Stara Zagora, because I’ve played couple of tournaments. I really enjoyed the place, I really enjoyed the shopska salad. I really like it. I think it is really awesome this crowd here. I see all the signs and everyone is wearing masks. And I think social distance is kept which is awesome. But that is why we play tennis. I have played plenty matches in career early on when I was playing in front of anyone. It is an entertainment sport and you love playing in front of people and tennis admirers. So it is awesome. I wasn’t for me today, I guess. But this is very, very understandable. But I hope I will get this support in my next match. I think you [the organizers] have done great job so far. I really happy that I am extending my stay here. The season is not quite done yet.”, Millman said after his first win in Sofia.