Kids Tennis Day at Garanti Koza Sofia Open

Play mini tennis and meet some of the stars of the tournament

Special Kids Tennis Day will be held on 7th February as a part of the fans activities at Garanti Koza Sofia Open2017. During the day children in Arena Armeec will have possibility to play mini tennis in the fan zone.The highlight of the day will be a special show with the world most famous tennis freestyler Stefan Bozhic. The Serb will show his unique tennis techniques to the youngest tennis fans.

The Kids Day at Garanti Koza Sofia Open will give chance to the children to meet one of the tournament’s star and to get an autograph. There will be a special photo corner where kids can make a selfie with virtual images of the stars.A traditional Bulgarian craft workshop will be held the same day with teachers and students from the school for applied arts “St. Luca”. With their help kids can try working with a lot of uncommon materials and do their own craft.

Bulgarian tennis federation announced that, there will be a training session for some of the best kids U12 and U14 participated in 3T project with a professional player. It will be held just before the game that starts at 18 at the Center court.The Kids Tennis Day aims to drive tennis participation and encourage kids and their families to pick up a racquet and play.