Marc-Andrea Huesler: My current goal is to win tomorrow and get my first title

 Swiss Marc-Andrea Huesler advanced to the final of the Sofia Open by winning against Italian Lorenzo Musetti. The No 4 seed, 7:6 (5), 7:5 at the “Arena Armeec” Sofia on Saturday afternoon. The Swiss goes on dreaming for his first ATP Tour title after reaching his maiden final. Here is what he said during the post-match press conferencee: 

 Marc-Andrea Huesler – first ATP Tour singles final in your career. How do you feel? Will you remember Sofia forever with such a memorable achievement?

For sure! I have played here two years ago and had a great win. And, also this year – it is obviously something new to be in the final at ATP 250 event. I feel, I played great tennis this week. I really enjoyed it here from day 1 and a great winning, which is actually surprising, because I arrived here from San Diego with a lot of jet legs. I wasn’t ready at 100% yet, but every day here it was going better and better. And, also, I had a bit of luck in the decisive moments in couple of matches. And this is really happy for me.

What has changed in your game during 20/22? You had a couple of Challenger titles, Grand Slam main draws, now – a final …

Well, probably, a couple of things. One thing for sure is that for the first time in my life I had a coach, who is 100% committed to me. I’ve known him for couple of years, but actually we started to work together fully 100% in March. It starting rolling. Game wise – we just figured out a plan where I want to develop my game. Try to find a way to play every match with my strengths. Not every time possible because the opponent is also playing. Put a focus on my service games and make sure they are running smoothly. And then – on the return game. Basically – not letting the opponent ease if it is possible. I am a player that can do a little bit of everything. My strengths are on the aggressive side, but now I have to hold a rally.

How do you feel as the Top Swiss tennis player now? And do you have a special moment with the retired Roger Federer you would like to share?

Yeah, I came like number 1 ranked Swiss player aback the loss of few guys this year. They are good friends of mine. Yeah, I am number one, but not already feeling yet. Now, for sure, I am backed with some great results.

Federer did great things for the Swiss tennis.

About a story – he is a funny guy. We have a lot of them. I really want to know him better. We had practices for two weeks. I got to see the way he practices. A lot of things that I want to take over from that. For example, the one of the things – the way he is able to switch off instantly off the court and have a lough, and having good time, and smiling a lot. And then – to go practicing again, switch on and the level is there. Sometimes I am also trying to take over, but the level is not there. So, I am working on that. So, at the end we can also have a good time on court. That is important for me.

You made a great come back from 5-1 down in the tie-break and then you had luck in the second set? What was your mindset in these moments?  Do you have a plan for the final?

In the first set I felt that we both served really well. So, I had to accept that and there is nothing to do. So, you go to a tie-break. Then again, every point counts. I definitely did not play the best tie-break in the beginning; I made a double fault. When you are 1-5 down … I have also been 6-0 down and managed to win it. So, tennis is never over. If you are asking me if I thought that I will win this set from 1-5 down I would probably say no. but once again, every player knows that in tennis everything is possible. You keep going, keep making good decisions, trying to make them at least. That is what happened.

In the second set had a tough service set. Usually, in every match you have at least one service set that is not so easy. And I am very happy the way I was able to just keep my level high there.

I was feeling so much comfortable with my game today. I knew that I can use my strengths and be offensive.

For tomorrow I mean, I am a player that focus on my game because no matter against who I play, there are things in my game I have to work and to win the match. This is clearly my service game, because this is something I am able to control. And I have been doing this basically good the whole week. That is my biggest goal for tomorrow – just to keep that up and not to let my opponent to have a lot of chances on my serve. They both have different game style. I have played against them before. They know me too. So, for sure nobody will be surprised with the way I play. And again – it is going to be a final, which is completely new for me. I am going to try the best.

With your new ranking you may play in the main draw of Grand Slams. Is this important for you? And do you have goals in terms of ranking next season?

My goal for this year was to finish in the top 100. I guess with this win, that is done. In tennis your goals always change. In the beginning of the year, I was ranked 180 and my goal was to go 120. But I had a successful year. And I feel it is important to set a new goal. To keep pushing yourself further because at the end of the day I also don’t know how much is in me, where I can end in the rankings and want to go as high as possible. I mean, I feel like just to keep dreaming of going as high as I can. I don’t have next goal for sure. My current goal is to win tomorrow and get my first title.  And the next week will goes on. But that is my biggest goal for the moment. And I surely now can look back on the great week.