Richard Gasquet: It is nice to see the crowd cheering for you

Richard Gasquet needed 88 minutes to stop the Spaniard Roberto Carbalees Baena. Former world No 7 needed just two breaks and showed solid game to win 6:3, 6:4. Gasquet won 81% of his points after a first serve and 69% – after second.

What do you think about this tournament? It is your first time here.

This is a very nice tournament. I have heard great things about it. Gael Monfils told me it is a great one. The organization is perfect. It is the last tournament of the year. There was a crowd cheering for today. This was nice to play with these conditions. The courts are amazing. I will try my best to go far.

Your thoughts about your first match, you knew your opponent from Madrid, what were the differences?

Carvallos is a good player. He was a tough one, and I had to fight to win. I think I played well. My serve was working well. It was a good match.

Your next opponent is very young, what do you expect?

I saw yesterday him [Forejtek] against Cilic. Cilic is a really good player, so he had nothing to lose. I know he is junior and won Grand Slam. I saw him yesterday; he was very solid. So I expect a tough match. He is very young, he has nothing to lose. So I expect a tough match.

Is it harder to play against these younger players than the others?

When you don’t know, the guy is always difficult. But I could watch him yesterday, so I know how he is playing. I know it will be a tough one, but I know what I have to do to win. I have to do my best. Every match is different. I need to play my best tennis. And try to win.