Sinner: Hopefully the crowd can help me for the next round too

Top seed Jannik Sinner continued his standout record in Sofia when he moved past Portugal’s Nuno Borges 6:3, 6:4. Once again he thanked to the Bulgarian crowd for supporting him and promiced to improve even more in the next round. Here is what he told during the press conference:

10th straight win in Sofia. It looks like when you see Sofia on the court, you feel that there is no way you can lose?

No, no. for sure it is nice to be back. The first match is never easy. Especially against a player who played already multiple matches here. I think, I can be proud with my first match. I hope I can rise my level for the next round. But, yeah, I have positive energy, positive feelings. We will se what will happen next.

What is different when you feel the love of Bulgarian fans. More or less, you become one of their favourite players?

It is nice. For me this year is more special than last year because last year it was empty. This year there is crowd, so I feel the good energy. As I said on-court – thank you to everyone for coming. Hopefully they can help me for the next round. I think in every tournament is special when the crowd is there and obviously for me is always a very nice tournament to come back and is very nice to have the crowd.

What is the most positive side of working with Darren Cahill? How does distance work for you?

First of all – he is a veery nice person. And he has a lot of experience. I think the combination of him with Simone and all the team – there is a good harmony. Everybody knows what they should do. For sure he is the most experienced part of my team, he had worked with different kind of players in the past – men and women. I am very proud he joined our team. I think he is very important for me and my team because especially before important matches, he knows how to talk with me, giving me some extra confidence sometimes a player may need. So, as I said, with him and Simone – Simone is more technical and tactical…But yeah – everyone together is a good team. And the most important thing is that we enjoy to stay together, to talk every day.

What are your goals till the end of the season?

For sure – the best thing is to play as many matches as possible. That is the best for every player. I know that I can play good in the in-door tournaments – I showed it last year, and also – two years ago. For me the most important is to try to improve and to get ready for the next year. Trying to work physically very much. Hopefully I can have a good end of the year. I don’t like to talk about the future. Let’s see what is going to happen, but for sure I improved the last couple of months and that is the goal for the next couple of months. And about the rankings and finals in Turin – let’s see.

How you feel now?

Today I felt good on-court. Physically. I was running fast. The coordination was also good. Let’s see the next round how will I feel. Also, yesterday I felt good, my mind was ready to play in a hundred percent.

Is this the tournament you feel most comfortable?

Till now – yes. But as I said every match you play is tough. You have to be hundred percent physically and mentally, and has to be the right way. Every match you have difficult time on the court. But the thing is that you have to find a solution which I am trying to do basically in every match I play. As I said – here is a special place for me, where I won my first tournament. Last year I played well. I think I can be proud what I have done here. So hopefully I can keep going.