Sinner: Sofia always will be a special place for me!

The defending champion Jannik Sinner came back to Sofia for his second Sofia Open. 20-years-old Italian leads the draw and will do his best to become the first player with back to back titles in Bulgaria.

Sinner spoke to Sofia Open’s official webpage.

– Jannik, Sofia seems to be a special place for you, isn’t it?
– Definitely, I like Sofia very much. And Sofia Open. They bring one of the best memories. I am extremely happy to come back. And really, I hope that there will be some fans in the Arena. Bulgarian fans supported me last year, and I would like to play for them again. The place you win the first ATP tour is always special. For me – it is Sofia.
– What was the emotion to lift the trophy last year?
Great emotions, unique experience. When you win, you don’t know what exactly has happened in the first moment. Then you go to sleep. And when you wake up in the morning, you will realise what had happened. This year is different. But it will be great to win the trophy once again. I am here to repeat. But, you know, it is a long way. I play point by point. Let see what will happen.
– In 2020 you were world №44. In 2021 you are in Sofia as world №14. Maybe in 2022, you will be №4? Please, promise that you will come back even if you are world №1!
(laughing) In fact, I think I have a long way to go and reach these positions. I am not focused on this at all. But for sure, I will come to Sofia a lot of times. I told you, and it is true – Sofia is a special place for me. The love fans showed to me is great. Now I will try to play my best tennis and let see.
– Where is the Sofia Open 2020 trophy now?
At home, in Monaco. When I enter home, the trophy from Sofia is the first thing I see. It is there,  I see on the left-hand side. It is great to see my trophies there. And to start with my first ATP trophy.