Daniil Medvedev: I was the better player today

Sofia Open 2019 Champion Daniil Medvedev press conference:

Congratulations, how do you feel?

I am just really happy. The title is what I came here for, to win every possible match. I played four matches to win, I won them. I played good tennis in the last three. I am just happy with my level. So I am happy to be here and to win.

What is upcoming for you?

Tomorrow I am flying to Rotterdam. We already talked with Marton, we are going there together. We are going to play there.

It was an amazing present for your birthday tomorrow. Will be there time for celebrating it?

Yeah, for sure. If I have lost, you know, for us, sportsmen it is normal. It is not that I wouldn’t be happy tomorrow, but I would be not as happy as I am now. I am meeting my wife there at the airport. So it is going to be a good day. We will celebrate together, maybe we will drink a glass of Champaign. Then I will start to prepare for my match with Chardy (Jeremy).

The crucial point of the match was in the second set, at 2:3 and a possible break. Do you think you were more self-composed?

Yeah, it was a really important point, I remember I had a great serve and made very good decision to play a forehand. I think, one of the main points was that I was self-composed. But at the same time, I won more points on his serve, I made two breaks in the second and two breaks in the first. I think I was a better player today, so I deserved the win. It is not always the case and the better player wins, but today this was the case.

The spectators are very high with you. You have to continue the legacy of players like Kafelnikov, like Safin, like Davidenko. How do you feel with this?

Honestly, I am not thinking about this. I play for myself. I want to be better, I want to become one day, if it is possible, not everybody reaches number 1, but I want to become No 1. I am going to do everything I can for it and that is why I don’t think about the Russian players. They are legends. I loved watching them play. But at the moment I am focusing on myself and trying to be better.

Would you recommend this tournament to other players?

Yeah, it is a great tournament with a great organization. The first match I didn’t like the court and the balls, but anyway, I won the tournament, so now I don’t care. I said it after the first match, everything is perfect here.

Among your previous title, where will you rank this one?

Tough to say. I don’t know about the other players like me, but for me when I won let’s say some junior tournaments, like U14, maybe I was happier than right now. I am just talking about the emotions at the moment of winning it. Every title is a big goal. Of course, I have to say that in term of points and money it was Tokyo, of course. It is an ATP 500 tournament, I beat Nishikori in the final. But this title gives me a lot of confidence for the upcoming year. I showed great tennis, I didn’t give many chances to my opponents and I hope to continue this way into the new season.

How you will rank your opponents on the way to the final? You won a lot of followers here, will we see you again in Sofia?

It is always tough to say about the opponents. In a new tournament, the same opponent may play a different style against you. Every match, even I have won the last three matches in two sets, every match was difficult. Every match had crucial moments. Of course, the first match was tough because I didn’t play so good. Today I played really good, but in fact, I need to say, I felt Marton choose good tactics against me. And I was on a big pressure in the first set. I tried not to show it. And he started breaking. I saw it at the end of the first set and the beginning of the second. So that was my strengths. As I said, I liked the tournament, so I probably I am going to be back and defend my title. But we never know – it is 365 days till that.